Things to do near The Old Granary

When you visit our rural bolthole, we like to think the high standards we set out from the very first time The Old Granary doors opened – alongside our guest’s feedback – speak for themselves. We are confident that when you book to stay with us you know exactly what to expect from your accommodation.

But what about our surrounding area? The rest of Lincolnshire? After all, as a county, it is vast – the biggest county in England in fact, after Yorkshire. There is so much to experience, so much to take in, to savour, you may need some help deciding how and where to spend your time. 

If you’re looking to experience the very essence of rural Lincolnshire, you’ll be staying in the right place. Not only are we nestled right on the very last barrow that forms the ever-impressive Lincolnshire Wolds, when you arrive at The Old Granary you are also arriving on a working, family, farm.  

Home to the Knapton’s – us, hello! – Manor Farm is toiled today by second and third generations of the family. Growing potatoes, cereals and sugar beet, the farm has also been part of a successful environmental scheme for the last 15 years, encouraging biodiversity and developing soil health across its hectares. 

A living, breathing example of the rural way of living, staying with us will put you at the heart of Lincolnshire farming, surrounded by a patchwork of sunshine-yellow rapeseed flowers, wheat that slowly turns fields from rippling emerald to whispering gold in a heartbeat, and row upon row of potato plants, hiding their bounty beneath the ground. 

The daily work that has taken place on our farm for countless decades has contributed – alongside our fellow farmers – to the preservation of The Lincolnshire Wolds themselves. Unlike most Areas of Natural Beauty, the Lincolnshire Wolds has intense and careful farming to thank for its unbeatable landscape. 

But, enough about us, it’s time for you to discover all the experiences Lincolnshire has in store for you…


Although there are 46 AONBs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, there is currently only one in the East Midlands: The Lincolnshire Wolds. In 1973, 216 square miles of the Lincolnshire Wolds was designated an AONB, and what’s unique about it, is that the whole area can be explored using The Old Granary as your base.

Our friends over at the Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service know every route and every furrow, and have a huge variety of walks to help you explore. From those that are accessible for all – pushchair and wheelchair inclusive – to market town gateway walks, Wolds walks and information about local walking clubs, they have the expertise to help you find your perfect stroll in such a glorious setting.


We touched on two-wheels in our renewables post but taking to two wheels is such a fun way to explore the surrounding area – and get a little further afield too.

One of the UK’s most welcoming but least discovered cycling destinations, Lincolnshire is an incredible county to explore by bike. A county of contrasts, Cycle Lincolnshire’s cycling routes will help you take it all in – from the rolling chalk hills of The Wolds on our doorstep, to the flatlands on the Fens and the marshes in the south, with miles of stunning coastline to the east to. And there are plenty of places where you can hire bikes too – so there’s no need to bring them with you – unless you want to, of course. 


Full of history, and the incredible architecture that goes with it, Lincolnshire boasts some beautiful churches, both large and small. Not far from The Old Granary is All Saints Church in Walesby, also known as ‘The Ramblers Church’, such is its popularity with those exploring the area on foot.

The National Churches Trust lists 12 historic churches in the Wolds alone, with the area also boasting the Lincolnshire Wolds and Coast Festival, an annual celebration of rich architecture, heritage, and beautiful tranquillity, in the first two weekends in September. 

Horse Riding

As we’ve discussed already, The Lincolnshire Wolds offer breath-taking scenery to be enjoyed by walkers and cyclists. But what better way to experience these views than from horseback? From permissive bridleways to set trails and organised pleasure rides, the Lincolnshire Wolds truly has something for all riders. We’ve rounded everything up in another blog post, where you can find out all you need to know about exploring the bridleways and trails that meander and mosey nearby. 


The nation’s greenhouse, there are of course countless award-winning pubs, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops which you can walk, cycle or drive to – depending how far you’d like to travel. Championing local ingredients and the phenomenal array of artisan producers in the county, foodie hotspots can be found even in the smallest villages and market towns.

Right on our doorstep is Caistor, a Georgian market town brimming with great places to eat and drink. Ted’s is one of the newest additions, a little treasure of a find and true coffee shop heaven. Run by Heidi and Maddie expect hot coffee, incredible ice cream and milkshakes and toasties that will remind you of childhood. Another favourite spot is Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre, a converted Methodist chapel this place combines classic café food and drink with art – and there’s a sunny terrace too.

For a meal out, we always recommend our neighbours at The Cross Keys, Grasby. Walkable, head across the fields to indulge in the team’s award-winning food and views that you won’t be able to get enough of. And, if you’re out cycling or walking one of the Wolds routes, you are bound to come across The Kings Head, Tealby. Believed to be Lincolnshire’s oldest thatched pub, it has made quite a reputation for itself. And for a cocktail or two, The Side by Side in Caistor has become hugely popular with locals and visitors alike since it opened last year (2021).

In our nearby town of Brigg too, it’s hard to count the number of eateries, pubs and restaurants. The Steel Rooms is a favourite of ours, a fantastic coffee shop cum art gallery cum interior store, it’s as unique as they come, with phenomenal homecooked food and plenty of options for those with dietary requirements. The town will be getting some new additions soon as well, with the town’s oldest pub – The White Hart – currently undergoing renovation work with a view to open this year, alongside The Vault cocktail bar, which will make its home in the former HSBC building. 

For a wider overview of the county, and the must-see tourist hotspots in the city of Lincoln in particular, you can find all our recommendations here

Renewables and The Old Granary

There’s no escaping the need for green credentials in today’s climate. For us, it has never been more important, and we are striving to do more than our fair share when it comes to keeping The Old Granary, and the working farm surrounding it, very much in the green. 

From the get-go, everything we have done here has been considered. It has had to be given the nature of the old farm buildings. The bricks and mortar our accommodation sits in were repurposed, as part of our farm diversification project, back in 2018. The very foundation of the business we have created here at The Old Granary was built upon environmental consciousness and conservation. 

We’ve never really seen ourselves as owners of the land, more its custodians – we just happen to live and work here every day. Taking care of it while it’s under our watch, we’re making sure every effort is being made to protect the landscape so that there is something here for future generations. 

It’s a responsibility, an honour and sometimes a labour of love. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Combing heritage and tradition with diversification and innovation, for us, renewables have formed a huge part of our journey here. Both the farm and The Old Granary run very much more economically thanks to the installation of solar panels and air source heat pumps. 

Solar Power

Here on Manor Farm, we have 50kW of ground-based solar panels, the energy from which feeds into the farm – serving the storage of potatoes through the winter and spring seasons – as well as all the electrical needs of The Old Granary accommodation. 

While it’s hard to put exact numbers to this investment, a typical 50kW solar system will yield approximately 42,887kWh per annum – that’s around about enough energy to power four homes for a year. Not to be sneezed at! 

Air Sourced Power

Air source heat pumps live very happily on Manor Farm too. They supply the office and accommodation with hot water and heating as well as cater to all of the barn’s needs. 

Combining solar and air sourced power, we know we are saving energy as well as driving revenue – so in our eyes it’s a win-win. It makes our life easier, eases our conscience, and gives our guests a greener, more environmentally friendly experience. Something we know people are now actively looking for in such a competitive market. 

Protecting Pollinators and Wildlife

But even that isn’t quite enough for us. Biodiversity has to come into it, after all we are farmers. And, sometimes, the traditional methods are the best – with a little modern technology thrown in for good measure of course. 

Clare and Louise

On the farm we sow wildflower mixes, not only to make the rolling hills and grassy knolls pretty as a picture but to actively increase the biodiversity here so that pollinators such as bees, hoverflies and ladybirds, can be as productive and protected as possible. 

Winter bird feed mixes are grown too – with fields of sunflowers on the farm providing food for the birds during the winter months. This year too we put down piles of seed rather than just sowing it, to encourage more birds into the area. Another technique we have been utilising is winter stubbles. Rather than cultivating the ground following our wheat harvest, we leave it be. A simple gesture, it actually creates a safe environment for ground nesting birds. 

Local wildlife

  • Barn owls – we already have nesting owls in the horse chestnut tree, and additional owl boxes will be going up this year
  • Buzzards
  • Foxes
  • Badgers
  • Roe Deer

Green Living

Inside the accommodation itself, guests benefit from considered purchasing and the environmentally-minded folk living close-by, in the way of fantastic local producers. 

No matter which hampers guests opt for, be it the Welcome Hamper (containing local bread, butter, milk and jam) enjoyed by everyone, or the ‘on request’ Breakfast Hamper and Taste of Lincolnshire Hamper, local produce and all of the green credentials that come with it takes centre stage. Fruit bowls too take pride of place on each kitchen table, brimming with local and seasonal produce. 

Keeping everything as local as possible, we always make considered purchases. By buying local we reduce food miles, increase traceability and accountability as well as offer support to other small businesses across the county. That even goes for maintenance – from cleaning to repairs and decorating, the more local, the better. 

Laundry too is now greener, as we are committed to only using Ecover products – plant-based and eco-friendly. And long-term guests are now given the option for fresh bedding, rather than its replacement being a matter of course. 

Stay Green During Your Stay

As for staying green while you’re staying with us, well, it’s a breeze. The local market towns and villages, foodie hotspots and stunning landscape are accessible by two wheels, or two feet. 

If biking is your thing you won’t be disappointed. Rather than bringing your own – and risk added emissions driving bikes around atop roof racks or tricky travel on public transport with a bike in tow – why not opt to hire a bike locally? With locations peppered across the county, from Giant Store at Doddington Hall & Gardens and Bike Hire at Woodhall Spa to the Cycling Hub at Grimsby and Cleethorpes, whether you opt for a traditional push bike or an e-bike, book a bike to collect on your way to us or enjoy a day out. Prices from as little as £10/day. 

Cycling in lincolnshire

For lovers of a good old wander – as we are – The Old Granary sits right on the last ridge of The Lincolnshire Wolds, so accessing this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and the miles of stunning walks within it, couldn’t be easier.

The farm itself is just over 4km of Permissive Rights of Way too, meaning you are free to explore. These walk-ways act to join up the surrounding villages so exploring your new, immediate, surroundings truly is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other – what’s more, they can take you over to The Cross Keys pub at Grasby, renowned for its award-winning food offering, and unbeatable views out across the patchwork, Lincolnshire landscapes. 

These paths also ensure the local community remain engaged with what is afoot at The Old Granary, an utter godsend during the pandemic, with plenty of residents taking to two feet to explore what was on their doorstep. We sincerely hope you’ll do the same during your next visit, to leave a physical, rather than carbon footprint, of your travels. 

Looking to the future, and in the next 6-12 months, things will be getting even more of a green boost with the installation of an EV charging point for electric vehicles very much on the horizon. More on that one when installation is complete!

Why not choose Gift Vouchers as this year’s Christmas present of choice?

What do you give someone who has “everything”? Or someone who doesn’t want any more “clutter”? How about the gift of time? We can’t actually enable you to buy units of time, but, following numerous requests from people who have stayed with us and people who would like to stay with us, we can now offer you…gift vouchers! 

Over the past three years or so, we have welcomed many wonderful guests, from all over the world, and have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who have stayed with us as part of a present they have been given. The challenge when giving someone a holiday as a gift is finding the right time; gift vouchers take away that pressure, leaving your joyful recipient to choose a time that suits them!

Whether this has been a Christmas present, a birthday gift or a thank you, our guests always seem delighted to have been gifted an experience rather than an traditional present, I suppose because it offers quality time together with loved ones, something many of us are short of given how busy our lives all seem to be with work, family, wellbeing and socialising. Making the decision to dedicate time to spend with family and friends shouldn’t be hard, we all love getting together to celebrate milestones, enjoy a catch up and share some food and drink, but actively making the decision to do so can be hard. I wonder whether having the decision made for you and being forced to take some time away from home is really the biggest present, the stay itself comes a close second!

We’ve even had a handful of guests who were either given a short break as a reward for performance at work, or who have won a short stay in a competition, and chose to stay with us here in lovely Lincolnshire.

We have decided to offer Gift Vouchers following numerous requests, as an alternative to booking a full stay to give to a loved one – giving even more flexibility to the person receiving it; they can choose which apartment suits them best and when they wish to travel. And if they need to cancel, any refund applicable (within terms and conditions) would go straight back onto a voucher again for them to use whenever they choose.

So, if you are looking for a wedding present, a retirement gift, a thank you present or simply want to say ‘I love you’, consider the gift of a voucher for The Old Granary, to give the experience of Lincolnshire’s countryside and big skies this year!

Bookings must be made direct with The Old Granary, Lincolnshire; Terms and Conditions apply, subject to availability.

Lincolnshire Tourism Awards 2020 Finalists: The Old Granary

We are absolutely delighted to announce that The Old Granary has been shortlisted in two categories for the Lincolnshire Tourism Awards 2020.

The awards are split into 12 accolades, and we are finalists in the following categories:

  • Self-Catering Accommodation
  • New Tourism Business

What are the Lincolnshire Tourism Awards?

The Lincolnshire Tourism Excellence Awards showcase the best of Lincolnshire’s £1.5 billion tourism industry. From beautiful hotels to popular attractions and places of interest, they are an impressive display of everything we love about the area.

Split into 12 categories, the ceremony celebrates those leading the way in sustainability, tourism and attracting visitors to Lincolnshire from outside the local area. 

In the words of Lincolnshire Live (who run the awards in conjunction with Lincolnshire Echo and VisitLincoln), the ceremony highlights “the people who shine a spotlight on everything our great county has to offer.”

Each individual award recognises and rewards independent businesses that stand out from the crowd, which is why we are so proud to be considered.

New Tourism Business Award 2020

Sponsored by DoubleTree by Hilton, the ‘New Tourism Business’ award “recognises high performing new tourism businesses, demonstrating excellent understanding of their market, exceeding expectations of their customers with clear plans for future development.”

Our barn actually stems way back to the 1800s, but the renovation of turning it into self-catered accommodation was completed as recently as September 2018. 

To be recognised as one of the county’s best New Tourism Businesses so soon after opening is something we are extremely thrilled about!

Self Catering Accommodation Award 2020

The ‘Self Catering Accommodation’ category acknowledges accommodations that “provide truly memorable guest experiences and demonstrate excellence across every aspect of the business”. 

Everything about our self-catered accommodation has been delicately chosen and carefully crafted with our visitors in mind, so to be nominated for an award that celebrates self-catering excellence is great. 

When is the Lincolnshire Tourism Awards 2020 Ceremony?

The ceremony takes place on the 3rd March 2020, where the winners of each award will be announced. From there, the winners of some categories will automatically be entered into the VisitEngland Awards for Excellence 2020.

We’re extremely proud to be considered amongst so many wonderful local businesses and to be part of an enterprise that promotes the magnificence of Lincolnshire. We would like to thank everyone who has made our first year of opening such an enjoyable experience for both me and Clare. 

To our suppliers, our friends and family, and especially our guests, we are so grateful to you for helping us get The Old Granary to where it is today. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!

What to Pack for a Self-Catered Holiday

Whether you prefer making a home-from-home or want the space and flexibility to have a more independent trip away, a self-catered holiday is the perfect opportunity to unwind in peace and privacy. No matter where you go, it’s always best to keep in mind: 

  • How long you’re going for 
  • What the accommodation provides 
  • Any activities you have planned
  • What food you want to eat
  • What the local area provides (e.g restaurants, supermarkets and pharmacies) 

In order to make your self-catered stay all the more relaxing, we’ve put together a handy little guide of what to pack to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered in preparation for your trip.

Don’t forget the essentials!

Nobody wants to finish a long journey with a trek to find the nearest open supermarket, particularly after a long flight or drive. On the other hand, you also want to avoid using vital suitcase space for huge packs of tea and washing up liquid! Packing what you need for the first 12 hours of your stay is a great idea. 

If you’re anything like us, the first vital step once you’re in your accommodation is to put the kettle on. Tea (of your preference) and coffee are essentials, and a small carton of milk (pre-frozen) will see you through until the shops are in sight. 

Most reputable accommodations will supply a welcome pack or starter kit with all essential hot drink supplies, but if you’re travelling in a large group or you’re unsure of what is being provided, taking your own is always worth doing.

Sunglasses and a cup of tea

What does the kitchen usually include?

It’s important to always check with your future accommodation what utensils you will have to use – you can expect most places to have basic items like a kettle, toaster, pots, pans and crockery – but always check beforehand so you can plan your meals accordingly. You don’t want to find yourself trying to find a large casserole dish in the middle of nowhere!

The kitchen supplies you’ll want to remember are the pantry heroes we often take for granted: things like cling film, foil, plastic containers for any leftovers, salt, pepper and oil will get you off to a flying culinary start.

Getting together a collection of dry cupboard items is also an excellent idea: breakfast essentials like bread, jams, marmite or cereal are worth taking, and even cooking basics such as onions and potatoes if you have the room to spare. 

Depending on what time you’re arriving, how much room you have and where the nearest supermarket is, you might also want to take your cold food items in a cooler box / bag. Bits such as butter, milk, eggs, bacon, vegetables, cheese, any meat required for meals (particularly in BBQ weather!), drinks or nibbles could save you a lot of time and money. 

In popular tourist areas this is a particularly good idea, as prices for even the essentials can be steep. If you’re driving (and you can spare the room) you could save yourself a lot of spending money.

Colourful cooking utensils

Do I need to pack bed sheets for self-catering accommodation?

Almost all self-catering accommodation will come with sets (and usually spares) of bed linen and bath towels. The usual culprits for you to pack are flannels, face cloths or beach towels (if needed). Checking what your accommodation provides is essential, as you’ll need to add bed sheets, towels and linen onto that list if they’re not provided with the property. 

Those all-important bathroom supplies

It goes without saying that toiletries are essential for any stay. From shampoos and toothbrushes to shaving cream and toner, make sure you’ve got your wash bag stocked full with everything you need. Again, checking if your accommodation provides essentials such as toilet paper and hand soap is never a bad idea.  

Information about the local area

Whether you’re staying in a bustling city or a secluded rural area, finding out what the local area provides is a wonderful way of getting excited about your upcoming stay. It also gives you a valuable opportunity to get a feel for the culture and cuisine of the area.

Finding out where people go to get their local produce, any markets that take place, and learning about the best local pubs or restaurants provides you with a huge list of things to do, see and experience. 

A couple walking a dog on the beach

A few extras

Another little tip to make any self-catered stay a wonderful trip is to schedule a food shop delivery – giving you more travelling time and saving the supermarket hassle. The last very valuable piece of advice we love to give, is to remember that your stay should be a relaxing one.

Once you’ve got your basics covered, make sure you’ve packed a few little luxuries to make the most of your stay away! 

What do we at The Old Granary provide?

We supply a welcome pack that includes fresh bread, butter, milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits, sugar, a selection of cereal and some locally produced Pipers Crisps! All linen and basic cleaning products are provided. To see the full list of what we provide, see our FAQs and our apartments

Luxury in Lincolnshire? Gemma Goes Global thinks so!

Luxury travel blogger Gemma Goes Global recently came for a wonderful stay at none other than The Old Granary! During her stay, Gemma explored the luxury that Lincolnshire has to offer.

Who is Gemma Goes Global?

Gemma Goes Global is a travel obsessed luxury travel blogger! Gemma loves travelling and exploring new places whilst giving tips about luxury travel for her 30k followers! 

Gemma has visited the Maldives, Uzbekistan, Poland, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Thailand just to name a few! 

So we were obviously delighted when Gemma wanted to come and visit us for a luxury stay at The Old Granary!

What did Gemma do during her stay at The Old Granary, Lincolnshire?

Gemma explored the beautiful Hubbards Hills before enjoying a pit stop at The Vintage Tearooms, a quaint cafe in the Lincolnshire Wolds

The Vintage Tearooms Tealby
The quaint Vintage Tearooms in Tealby. Photo Credit: Gemma Goes Global.

Located in Tealby, The Vintage Tearooms is the perfect spot for a delicious afternoon tea, featuring a gorgeous tea garden with picturesque views of the countryside.

Less than a mile away from The Old Granary situates The Cross Keys in Grasby, where Gemma had a fabulous meal whilst staying with us! The Cross Keys menu includes a range of pub classics as well as modern twists meaning there truly is something for everyone. 

Cross Keys Food
Delicious Whitby Scampi and hand-cut Chips at The Cross Keys, Grasby. Photo Credit: Gemma Goes Global.

This is just a snapshot of the sumptuous treats Lincolnshire has to offer. 

What other luxuries are available in Lincolnshire?

With a wealth of hidden gems across the county – from restaurants to produce – there is a piece of luxury for everyone to enjoy.

A Michelin Star restaurant in Lincolnshire

Winteringham Fields offers a taste of fine dining just a stone throw away from The Old Granary

Just a half hour drive away down the lovely countryside roads, Winteringham Fields is the first restaurant in Lincolnshire to gain a Michelin star thanks to Colin McGurran’s ‘mastery of flavours and cooking techniques’.

Unique to Winteringham Fields is their ‘One Mile Menu’, which exclusively features food grown on their small farm or sourced from local purveyors, making it a uniquely ‘Lincolnshire’ experience.

If you’re staying for more than one night, we also recommend treating yourself to a trip to the Hope and Anchor. Situated on the Humber estuary, this cosy establishment was voted the Lincolnshire County Winner at the National Pub and Bar Awards 2019

Slawomir Mikolajczyk, Chef Patron of the Hope and Anchor, was a previous head chef at Winteringham Fields, and has worked with the biggest names in the industry, including Tom Kerridge and Gordon Ramsey. This traditional pub and restaurant’s unique and timeless take on food makes it a must-visit if you’re staying in Lincolnshire.

Spectacular views & Mouth-wateringly tasty produce

Located halfway between Lincoln and York, luxury is never too far away from The Old Granary. A drive over the Humber Bridge, for instance, not only provides spectacular views, but also fantastic delights from the quaint market town of Beverly. 

Beverly has many lovely restaurants and boutique shops for the fashion conscious. The Westwood restaurant, in particular, offers a fine dining experience as one of East Yorkshire’s most popular places to dine.

Lincolnshire boasts a wealth of local, luxury produce. Pipers Crisps, a luxury crisp brand, uses locally grown potatoes to create the highest quality and best-tasting crisps. At the Old Granary, we provide all our guests with Pipers Crisps in their welcome hamper!

Grimsby fishing docks produce some of the highest quality fish, too. Although luxury and Grimsby may not traditionally go hand in hand for some of you, Alfred Enderby proves otherwise! Their traditional smokehouse creates award-winning smoked fish, which is simply delicious!

Our county is famous for its sausages, with the sage and black pepper Lincolnshire sausage one of the Nation’s favourites. If you want to taste the best of the best, we recommend Redhill Farm Lincolnshire sausages, which were rated in Top 3 sausages in the UK by the BBC Good Food magazine!

Lincolnshire Sausage

The world-famous Lincoln Christmas Market 

With the festive season just around the corner, what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to visit a Christmas market?! 

The award-winning Lincoln Christmas Market is on this year from Thursday 5th December To Sunday 8th December 2019. 

With over 250 market stalls selling traditional crafts and stocking fillers, lining the streets around the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral. The market makes for a truly high-quality festive trip for all members of the family.

Book your luxury Lincolnshire stay

The Old Granary is the perfect place to base yourself whilst experiencing all the luxuries the surrounding areas have to offer. 

With a choice of one and two-bedroom high-quality apartments, the bespoke cottages are perfect for you and your loved one to come for a romantic getaway and experience some of Lincolnshire’s finest things. 

If you are planning a Lincolnshire trip, make sure you read our other blog: Visiting Lincolnshire: Ten Things You Have to See and Do to make the most out of your time visiting our wonderful county. 

Hoping to follow in Gemma Goes Global’s well-travelled footsteps by exploring the hidden luxuries that Lincolnshire has to offer? Book your stay at The Old Granary, Lincolnshire’s high quality, self-catered accommodation, now. We’d love to have you!

Lots of love for the Lincolnshire Wolds!

Despite being one of the largest counties in the UK, Lincolnshire was, until relatively recently, rarely considered as a holiday destination, beyond Butlins in Skegness of course! That is changing, thanks in many ways to the tireless work of organisations such as Love Lincolnshire Wolds

When we initially had the idea to create self-catered accommodation on our farm, we had no idea there were so many groups of people – some paid, others not – working together to promote the area as not only a great place to visit, but also to live and work. Over the course of the first year of The Old Granary being open, we’ve been incredibly lucky to welcome guests from all over the world, including Tennessee, Beijing, Canada, Germany and, of course, plenty from within the UK. 

Lincolnshrie Wolds Tealby
The beautiful village of Tealby. Photo Credits: Gemma Goes Global.

Welcoming journalists and bloggers to The Old Granary

In the past few months in particular, Owmby has hosted a couple of travel writers, courtesy of Love Lincs Wolds’ efforts to showcase the area. First, in early summer came Claie, a journalist from The Sun, and her family, whose trip featured in Fabulous magazine. Whilst The Sun may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it was amazing to see our accommodation in full colour in a national publication – something we’d worked so hard to bring to life being seen by hundreds of thousands of readers, who’d have thought it! 

Following that we were delighted to have Gemma, a blogger whose Gemma Goes Global series has over 30k followers on social media and an even greater reach from her website. Her trip took in lots of lovely spots around the area – you can read all about it here – including our fabulous local pub The Cross Keys, recently shortlisted for a couple of Taste of Excellence awards, and visits to places which hold great memories for us, too. 

Chapel Six Marshes Beach
The picturesque Chapel Six Marshes Beach. Photo Credit: Gemma Goes Global.

Finding hidden gems in the Lincolnshire Wolds

Given that my sister Clare and I grew up in Lincolnshire, then left for ten years, returning a few years ago to enjoy more space with our respective families and to use our business skills to help the farm diversify, it’s sometimes a surprise that people don’t realise what the county, and the Wolds in particular, has to offer. From challenging hills for cyclists, my husband tells me Nettleton, Walesby and Claxby are his favourites, to long, rambling walks such as the Viking Way, there’s plenty in the great outdoors to keep everyone interested. Gemma visited Tealby, one of the most sought after villages in the top half of the county, and somewhere I spent many happy hours running with friends (and our dogs!) before moving closer to the farm a couple of years ago. Coincidentally, Tealby is home to a chap who once gave my husband a piece of advice: “if you don’t go, you’ll never know”. This applies in spades to the Lincolnshire Wolds, you just need to get out there and find out what is hidden around the next corner.

Did you know about the Lincolnshire flag? 

Lincolnshire Flag
The Lincolnshire Flag in all its glory!

A little bit of extra info for you as you come to the end of this entry, do you know why the Lincolnshire flag looks as it does (see picture above)? I shall enlighten you: 

  • The yellow represents the crops grown in the county (fantastic potatoes, of course!), as well as the nickname “Yellowbellies” given to people born and bred in Lincolnshire. 
  • Blue represents both the sea of the East coast and the wide skies of Lincolnshire
  • Green symbolises the rich lushness of fenland fields
  • The fleur de lys is a recognised symbol of the City of Lincoln
  • And the red cross is the Saint George’s Cross, representing England.

You’ll find plenty of big, blue skies and glorious crops when you wander across, through or around the Wolds, the lush green fields aren’t reserved for the fenland in the south, either, and the sea is only a short drive away – well worth it to visit Cleethorpes, Donna Nook (for seals, particularly at this time of year) and Sandilands, the scene of many happy summer days in my youth!

Live, work and stay in Lincolnshire

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to live and work where we do. Hopefully, by being part of the increasing network of accommodation and visitor attractions across the county, we will see more and more people enjoying the fresh air, beautiful scenery and rich history Lincolnshire has to offer. For more ideas of places to go and things to do, take a look at our journal entry from April: Visiting Lincolnshire: Ten Things You Have to See and Do! And you can follow us and say hello on Instagram and Facebook for more lovely views, stories about farming and ideas for trips in and around Lincolnshire. 

Finally, I must thank the team at Love Lincolnshire Wolds for their support and all the work they do promoting the area. Great views and wonderful countryside is a great starting point, but it’s the people who really make an area great. Come and see for yourself, you won’t regret it! 

Horse Riding in Lincolnshire? You must be horsing around!

The Lincolnshire Wolds offer breathtaking scenery enjoyed by walkers and cyclists. But what better way to experience these views than from horseback? From permissive bridleways to set trails and organised pleasure rides, the Lincolnshire Wolds truly has something for all riders. 

Lincolnshire Horse Riding Routes

Lincolnshire County Council has partnered with the British Horse Society to provide some excellent routes for horse riding around Lincolnshire. 

In the Lincolnshire Wolds alone, there are 5 routes, ranging from 7 miles all the way up to 18 miles, for the dedicated rider. The Lincolnshire County Council’s downloadable maps, allow you to compare what each route has to offer. This can make for a great day out, especially with a picnic in tow! 

The Lindsey Trail, offered by Lincolnshire County Council, in partnership with the British Driving Society and the British Horse Society, is a 69-mile, circular trail through breathtaking parts of Lincolnshire and the Wolds. It is also one of the first trails in the country that is carriage driver-friendly. 

If 69 miles seems too much, parking along the way allows for riders to choose an area they wish to explore! The beautiful trail gives the riders a tour of some of the most beautiful areas Lincolnshire has to offer, extending from Market Rasen to Horncastle.

How to go horse-riding on a Lincolnshire holiday

Coming on holiday to the Lincolnshire Wolds will often mean leaving your four-legged friend at home. However, there are a couple of places where you can borrow horses to enjoy the rolling hills of the Wolds from the top of a horse. 

Brook House Farm offers both short and long hacks to the more experienced riders. Alternatively, if you prefer a beach ride, you can also canter along the sands of the Lincolnshire Coast.

Horse riding on the coast

For many, riding a horse along the beach is a bucket-list staple. The Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes – a National Nature Reserve that stretches 8 kilometres along the Lincolnshire coastline. This makes for the perfect place to achieve this dream! Theddlethorpe beach is not only great fun for you as a rider but can provide many benefits to your horse. 

Cantering along the sands can help to build up your horse’s fitness while giving them a change of scenery. It is important to check the beach guidelines online before planning a beach trip to ensure access is permitted. 

Throughout the year, the North Lincs Riding Club host pleasure rides across the Wolds. Often covering the Brocklesby Estate and Pelhams Pillar, these rides are open to non-members for just a small extra cost, making it a wonderful way to ride through beautiful countryside that is not usually permitted.

Pony Clubs in Lincolnshire

Alongside local riding clubs, Lincolnshire is the home to 8 Pony Club branches, 2 of which are in the Wolds. The Brocklesby Hunt Branch occasionally have pleasure rides similar to those offered by the North Lincs Riding club, offering a superb opportunity to meet new people as well as experience some beautiful countryside, 

The Old Granary has a plethora of bridleways in the surrounding areas, just a stone throw away. The permissive bridleways attract local riders, dog walkers and cyclists from surrounding villages. 

The Hendale woods are located a 5-minute drive from The Old Granary! The woods are usually open from April till October and allow people to ride through the forested area. 

From here you can ride around the undulating landscape and head towards Searby, Bigby or even Barnetby alongside the end of the runway at Humberside Airport (one for the well-behaved horses!). With no roads to be seen, it makes for a great hack out!

Explore the Lincolnshire Wolds from horseback, book your stay today! 

The Lincolnshire Wolds present wonderful adventures for walkers, cyclists and horse riders alike. With the beautiful scenery and vast number of bridleways and trails, why not book your next holiday and explore the beautiful Wolds from horseback?

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Cycling in the Lincolnshire Wolds: Who Said the County Was Flat?

With quiet lanes, fresh country air and plenty of designated cycle paths to pick and choose from, Lincolnshire is a great spot for cycling! The Old Granary, our cosy barn tucked away in the Lincolnshire Wolds in the little village of Owmby, is surrounded by rolling acres of undiscovered woodland, countryside and coastlines to explore by foot or bike.

The arrival of warmer days and a cool summer breeze sees the much-awaited return of a handful of cycling events in Lincolnshire, so if getting a few miles under your belt is your kind of thing then why not join in the fun and peddle away! The Lincoln Grand Prix Sportive takes place on the 11th May 2019 and is a ride that consists of up to 1000 cyclists who have a choice of four distances to choose from, all of which finish in the buzzy city of Lincoln, the perfect final stop for a well-deserved tipple or two! Or, if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge and think it’s time to put the training to practice, the C2C2C is a bike ride that guarantees adrenaline highs! The C2C2C is a charity bike ride that takes place on the 27th June 2019 and although quite a distance, it’s a ride for all abilities to get involved in, giving cyclists a choice between two routes; 100 miles or a 124-mile journey. The journey begins just outside Lincoln, which isn’t too far a drive (or ride!) from us at The Old Granary. Taking place midweek, the ride aims to get local businessmen and women out of the office and onto their bikes in the great outdoors, raising money for a charitable cause in the process. With plenty of friendly faces around you to cycle, cheer and guide the way and with all proceeds going towards local charities, we think it’s a pretty good way to get a seriously good view or two of the surrounding Lincolnshire landscape!

As well as a mix of exciting events to get involved in, there are also plenty of meandering lanes and countryside roads that are the perfect places for getting lost! In late spring and throughout summer, the fields glow like a never-ending yellow brick road with yellow oilseed rape flowers towering high beneath the warm summer sun and golden wheat fields that stretch for miles on end. And what better, there are plenty of country pub-gardens dotted around the lanes which are great pit stops for retreating to the shade and refuelling alfresco! Although our northern east country has always been considered somewhat flat, don’t let the gentle rolling hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds fool you, as they’re sure to crop up every now and again and make you peddle that little bit harder!

Visiting Lincolnshire: Ten Things You Have to See and Do!

The Deep, Hull

25 miles from The Old Granary to The Deep

Go down-under and explore the hidden wonders of The Deep, one of the UK’s most spectacular aquariums found water-side just across the Humber Estuary. Easily reached by crossing the Humber Bride, The Deep is just under an hour’s drive from us at The Old Granary and a place that provides a fish-eye view into the mysteries and wonders of Earth, leaving you to experience icy kingdoms, tropical habitats, creepy crawlies and the secret lives of deep-water dwellers! Explore over four billion years of ocean history from giant fossils to creatures of the sea’s past, as well wandering around an eclectic mix of outstanding-in-size fish tanks that range from the Lagoon of Light to an Amazon Flooded Forest, all of which vibrantly burst with colourful life. A seriously good indoor mooching spot, The Deep is perfect for if the sun is hiding and the weather’s a little drizzly!


Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln

28 miles from The Old Granary to Lincoln Cathedral

Not only is the City of Lincoln famous for its steep, narrow and cobbled streets, but it’s home to the fourth largest Cathedral in the UK that, once upon a time, was considered the largest building in the world for 200 years! Considered a pinnacle of Gothic Art and architecture, Lincoln Cathedral’s timeless interior is filled with intricate detail, much of which represents the history of the city and urban myths and legends, including that of the mischievous Imp that was turned to stone for getting up to no good! Truly a spectacle of Lincolnshire that’s certainly not to be missed!


Normanby Hall Country Park, Scunthorpe

18 miles from The Old Granary to Normanby Hall Country Park

Normanby Hall Country Park is a classic English mansion right in the heart of Lincolnshire. Set within 300 acres of estate, the grand house comes with plenty of leafy green grounds to explore to your heart’s content, so whether it’s taking to the trees for a treetop adventure with Go Ape, fishing in Normanby Lake or sitting back and relaxing alfresco, there’s so much for all to enjoy. The country park is home to a mix of wildlife, from herds of both red and fallow spotted deer found grazing in the Deer Park to a party of peacocks that strut freely around the grounds!


Live Music and Events in Lincoln, Lincoln

28 miles from The Old Granary to Lincoln

From atmospheric city pubs to cultural cocktails bars, the narrow and cobbled streets of Lincoln are dotted with plenty of spots perfect for sitting back with a tipple in hand! Depending on the night of the week, live music can be heard throughout a mix of the city’s quirky venues, meaning the bang of a drum and string of a guitar is never too far. Lincoln’s The Engine Shed has played host to plenty of well-known musicians and comedians, so be on the look-out for your favourites and expect a good mix of events from live music to stand-up comedy.


Hidden Lincoln Tour, Lincoln

28 miles from The Old Granary to Lincoln

For those after an exclusive insight into the illustrious history of Lincoln, the Hidden Lincoln Tours are intimate outings that unveil the secrets and surprises of the charming little city, allowing you to closely explore and recognise the chronicles of Lincoln that have made it the buzzy city we see today. With a close emphasis placed upon the city’s iconic urban landmarks, unearth the need-to-know history of Lincoln Cathedral and get up close and personal with the genuine ancient manuscripts secured and displayed within the timeless building.


Mablethorpe Beach, Mablethorpe

40 miles from The Old Granary to Mablethorpe

Mablethorpe is a seaside town situated just off the sandy shores of the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire. As the summer months are well and truly on their way and with stretching sand dunes to mooch along, what better time than now to soak up some summer sun and venture over for a bag of salt ‘n’ vinegar fish and chips paired perfectly with a fresh sea-breeze! Whether you’re after a day out sun-seeking or fancy seeing what else Mablethorpe has to offer, there’s plenty to get up to around the area’s natural surroundings and wildlife conservation centres. A few scenic top spots to look out for include The Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and Wildlife Centre, Queens Park Boating Lake and Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary, all just a short drive from the seaside!

Lincolnshire Aviation Centre, Spilsby

36 miles from The Old Granary to Lincolnshire Aviation Centre

Restored to its original design on a historic World War II airfield, take a step back in time with the Lincolnshire Aviation Centre, a family-run museum tucked away in the market town of Spilsby. The Lincolnshire Aviation Centre honours the heroic efforts and many lives lost during World War II, exhibiting an array of classic mid-twentieth century aviation vehicles that strive to educate and engage visitors with the fascinating and unforgettable extremes of wartime aviation. A museum with an edge, the aviation centre is home to ‘Just Jane’, an original Lancaster Bomber and the only wartime plane today that is able to take you up and down the runway.


Hartsholme Country Park, Lincoln

30 miles from The Old Granary to Hartsholme Country Park

The City of Lincoln is a top spot for those after the best of both worlds – what better than the buzz of urban life with the air of the countryside sitting right on your doorstep! A Grade II listed park, Hartsholme Country Park sits just 3 miles south west of the city centre and covers around 200 acres of undiscovered woodland waiting to be explored. The country park is made up of Victorian landscaped gardens, a spectacular reservoir amidst endless grasslands and a Visitor Centre with exhibitions and interactive features on the surrounding Hartsholme wildlife. As the leaves change colour with the seasons, the park is a vision to behold year round and the perfect spot for escaping the city for a little birdsong and some peace and quiet!  


Cadwell Park, Louth

24 miles from The Old Granary to Cadwell Park

Looking for your latest thrill? Look no further than Lincolnshire’s own roller-coaster ride of a circuit! Guaranteed to get your heart rate going and adrenaline pumping, Cadwell Park is a circuit set back in the Lincolnshire Wolds and a place for fast-pace! From exhilarating motor events to general track days, Cadwell Park is an absolute gem for any motor enthusiast, and being located just five miles south of the market town of Louth, it’s within easy reach of us! Whether choosing to put your foot down on the tracks or spectate from the Grandstand, a day at Cadwell Park is an experience like no other.  


The Red Arrows, Scampton

23 miles from The Old Granary to RAF Scampton

As well as being celebrated for its sausages, Lincolnshire is well-known for RAF Scampton, a Royal Air Force station just outside Lincoln. Home to the world-famous RAF Aerobatics team, the Red Arrows are a team of ever-changing dedicated pilots who over decades have been performing year in year out since 1965. With annual performances at their base in Scampton, this summer expect a colourful display of action-packed routines and death-defying manoeuvres! www.raf.mod.uk/our-organisation/stations/raf-scampton/