Cycling in the Lincolnshire Wolds: Who Said the County Was Flat?

With quiet lanes, fresh country air and plenty of designated cycle paths to pick and choose from, Lincolnshire is a great spot for cycling! The Old Granary, our cosy barn tucked away in the Lincolnshire Wolds in the little village of Owmby, is surrounded by rolling acres of undiscovered woodland, countryside and coastlines to explore by foot or bike.

The arrival of warmer days and a cool summer breeze sees the much-awaited return of a handful of cycling events in Lincolnshire, so if getting a few miles under your belt is your kind of thing then why not join in the fun and peddle away! The Lincoln Grand Prix Sportive takes place on the 11th May 2019 and is a ride that consists of up to 1000 cyclists who have a choice of four distances to choose from, all of which finish in the buzzy city of Lincoln, the perfect final stop for a well-deserved tipple or two! Or, if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge and think it’s time to put the training to practice, the C2C2C is a bike ride that guarantees adrenaline highs! The C2C2C is a charity bike ride that takes place on the 27th June 2019 and although quite a distance, it’s a ride for all abilities to get involved in, giving cyclists a choice between two routes; 100 miles or a 124-mile journey. The journey begins just outside Lincoln, which isn’t too far a drive (or ride!) from us at The Old Granary. Taking place midweek, the ride aims to get local businessmen and women out of the office and onto their bikes in the great outdoors, raising money for a charitable cause in the process. With plenty of friendly faces around you to cycle, cheer and guide the way and with all proceeds going towards local charities, we think it’s a pretty good way to get a seriously good view or two of the surrounding Lincolnshire landscape!

As well as a mix of exciting events to get involved in, there are also plenty of meandering lanes and countryside roads that are the perfect places for getting lost! In late spring and throughout summer, the fields glow like a never-ending yellow brick road with yellow oilseed rape flowers towering high beneath the warm summer sun and golden wheat fields that stretch for miles on end. And what better, there are plenty of country pub-gardens dotted around the lanes which are great pit stops for retreating to the shade and refuelling alfresco! Although our northern east country has always been considered somewhat flat, don’t let the gentle rolling hills of the Lincolnshire Wolds fool you, as they’re sure to crop up every now and again and make you peddle that little bit harder!