Horse riding Lincolnshire

Horse Riding in Lincolnshire? You must be horsing around!

The Lincolnshire Wolds offer breathtaking scenery enjoyed by walkers and cyclists. But what better way to experience these views than from horseback? From permissive bridleways to set trails and organised pleasure rides, the Lincolnshire Wolds truly has something for all riders. 

Lincolnshire Horse Riding Routes

Lincolnshire County Council has partnered with the British Horse Society to provide some excellent routes for horse riding around Lincolnshire. 

In the Lincolnshire Wolds alone, there are 5 routes, ranging from 7 miles all the way up to 18 miles, for the dedicated rider. The Lincolnshire County Council’s downloadable maps, allow you to compare what each route has to offer. This can make for a great day out, especially with a picnic in tow! 

The Lindsey Trail, offered by Lincolnshire County Council, in partnership with the British Driving Society and the British Horse Society, is a 69-mile, circular trail through breathtaking parts of Lincolnshire and the Wolds. It is also one of the first trails in the country that is carriage driver-friendly. 

If 69 miles seems too much, parking along the way allows for riders to choose an area they wish to explore! The beautiful trail gives the riders a tour of some of the most beautiful areas Lincolnshire has to offer, extending from Market Rasen to Horncastle.

How to go horse-riding on a Lincolnshire holiday

Coming on holiday to the Lincolnshire Wolds will often mean leaving your four-legged friend at home. However, there are a couple of places where you can borrow horses to enjoy the rolling hills of the Wolds from the top of a horse. 

Brook House Farm offers both short and long hacks to the more experienced riders. Alternatively, if you prefer a beach ride, you can also canter along the sands of the Lincolnshire Coast.

Horse riding on the coast

For many, riding a horse along the beach is a bucket-list staple. The Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes – a National Nature Reserve that stretches 8 kilometres along the Lincolnshire coastline. This makes for the perfect place to achieve this dream! Theddlethorpe beach is not only great fun for you as a rider but can provide many benefits to your horse. 

Cantering along the sands can help to build up your horse’s fitness while giving them a change of scenery. It is important to check the beach guidelines online before planning a beach trip to ensure access is permitted. 

Throughout the year, the North Lincs Riding Club host pleasure rides across the Wolds. Often covering the Brocklesby Estate and Pelhams Pillar, these rides are open to non-members for just a small extra cost, making it a wonderful way to ride through beautiful countryside that is not usually permitted.

Pony Clubs in Lincolnshire

Alongside local riding clubs, Lincolnshire is the home to 8 Pony Club branches, 2 of which are in the Wolds. The Brocklesby Hunt Branch occasionally have pleasure rides similar to those offered by the North Lincs Riding club, offering a superb opportunity to meet new people as well as experience some beautiful countryside, 

The Old Granary has a plethora of bridleways in the surrounding areas, just a stone throw away. The permissive bridleways attract local riders, dog walkers and cyclists from surrounding villages. 

The Hendale woods are located a 5-minute drive from The Old Granary! The woods are usually open from April till October and allow people to ride through the forested area. 

From here you can ride around the undulating landscape and head towards Searby, Bigby or even Barnetby alongside the end of the runway at Humberside Airport (one for the well-behaved horses!). With no roads to be seen, it makes for a great hack out!

Explore the Lincolnshire Wolds from horseback, book your stay today! 

The Lincolnshire Wolds present wonderful adventures for walkers, cyclists and horse riders alike. With the beautiful scenery and vast number of bridleways and trails, why not book your next holiday and explore the beautiful Wolds from horseback?

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