Why not choose Gift Vouchers as this year’s Christmas present of choice?

What do you give someone who has “everything”? Or someone who doesn’t want any more “clutter”? How about the gift of time? We can’t actually enable you to buy units of time, but, following numerous requests from people who have stayed with us and people who would like to stay with us, we can now offer you…gift vouchers! 

Over the past three years or so, we have welcomed many wonderful guests, from all over the world, and have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who have stayed with us as part of a present they have been given. The challenge when giving someone a holiday as a gift is finding the right time; gift vouchers take away that pressure, leaving your joyful recipient to choose a time that suits them!

Whether this has been a Christmas present, a birthday gift or a thank you, our guests always seem delighted to have been gifted an experience rather than an traditional present, I suppose because it offers quality time together with loved ones, something many of us are short of given how busy our lives all seem to be with work, family, wellbeing and socialising. Making the decision to dedicate time to spend with family and friends shouldn’t be hard, we all love getting together to celebrate milestones, enjoy a catch up and share some food and drink, but actively making the decision to do so can be hard. I wonder whether having the decision made for you and being forced to take some time away from home is really the biggest present, the stay itself comes a close second!

We’ve even had a handful of guests who were either given a short break as a reward for performance at work, or who have won a short stay in a competition, and chose to stay with us here in lovely Lincolnshire.

We have decided to offer Gift Vouchers following numerous requests, as an alternative to booking a full stay to give to a loved one – giving even more flexibility to the person receiving it; they can choose which apartment suits them best and when they wish to travel. And if they need to cancel, any refund applicable (within terms and conditions) would go straight back onto a voucher again for them to use whenever they choose.

So, if you are looking for a wedding present, a retirement gift, a thank you present or simply want to say ‘I love you’, consider the gift of a voucher for The Old Granary, to give the experience of Lincolnshire’s countryside and big skies this year!

Bookings must be made direct with The Old Granary, Lincolnshire; Terms and Conditions apply, subject to availability.